My Besties Awards – Network Field Day 28

As a Network Field Day delegate I get to participate as a panelist, listen, and question a broad range of networking vendors. This go around, before the event, I shared my constructive suggestions on how they could make their presentations more engaging … at least for me. So, how did they do? Here are my “Besties Awards”

Best Introduction Alex Saroyan from As they would say in the Olympics, he stuck the landing perfectly. More importantly, as least to me, is that he said that my blog really did help them prepare for the event. Win-win! is bringing to market an interesting solution that bridges the two worlds of DevOps and NetOps in a new and innovative way. If you are they type of company that runs Kubernetes apps in the cloud, and you want to repatriate those apps into your datacenter, you should check them out.

Best Surprise Pica8. If your company is struggling with getting network equipment due to the supply chain shortages and you would consider using white box hardware, then take a look Pica8 for the network operating-system. Pica8 is a software company. Their PicOS network operating system provides a Junos-like CLI and automation approach that checks all of my “automate the network” boxes. They also showcased their AmpCom controller system. (why don’t we call these NMS again …?). A cool feature of AmpCom is their ability to create Jinja2 based templates based on their command syntax without having to write the Jinja2 yourself – point-and-click interface. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before in a vendor product.

Best AI/MLAugtera Networks. Many vendors talk AI/ML, but where is the “proof in the pudding”? I covered them in a full blog here. They presented for two hours, and I was locked in every moment like watching and intense action movie. Very impressed, big expectations.

Best Off Camera Bob Friday from Juniper Mist. Part of the Network Field Day Experience is off camera discussions and a dinner get together. I had a chance to corner Bob at dinner. I had a most engaging discussion on the topic of AI, ML, and the practicality of what they are doing to bring advanced technologies to WiFi network operations. Basically, “let’s cut the crap over the marketing buzzword bingo, and what is this really all about?” Sorry you couldn’t be there, but if you get the chance to talk with Bob, do it!

Being a delegate for Network Field Day is always a treat for me. The GestaltIT crew are amazing. I get to meet colleagues from around the world, have awesome discussions, and make new friends. 5 out of 5 stars, highly recommend. Thank you again to all!